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9H CommUnities in Tuscany: A Creative Adventure

Wow, what a week we had in Tuscany! It flew by in a heartbeat.

Chiara, our amazing Design Operations Lead, turned what could have been a regular work trip into a full-on Tuscan adventure. We mixed work with pleasure, exploring the countryside, savouring the local cuisine, and soaking up the stunning scenery.

Welcome to Tuscany

The adventure kicked off with a cozy dinner at the agriturismo that hosted us; a farmhouse tucked away in the Tuscan hills. We laughed, ate, and got super excited about the week ahead – and the food was to-die-for!

We indulged in a selection of local dishes, from aperitivos to a delectable first course chosen from three mouth-watering options, ending with a dessert that set the tone for the amazing Tuscan culinary journey ahead.

Sunday: A Day of Discoveries

Our first full day we visited Volterra and we had lunch in Peccioli. After lunch we went to Florence. Some of us visited the biggest spa in Florence (Asmana), while those who love retail therapy made their way to a I Gigli shopping mall. In the evening we all had local hand-made Pizza prepared by our lovely hosts at the agriturismo where we were staying.

Good times flow where creativity goes

From Monday to Friday, it was all about getting creative from 8 to 5, surrounded by Tuscany’s breathtaking views.

Evenings brought their own magic.

Each dinner at the agriturismo offered a new taste of Tuscan cuisine, from pizza nights to elaborate meals featuring starters, second courses selected from an array of options, and desserts that were a sweet punctuation to our days.

Fun Times

On Tuesday we got busy with client work and had to miss our midday walk but we got to enjoy the hiking excursion on Thursday instead.

Karaoke night with Chiara’s aunt was more than just fun; it was a PARTY! As the night unfolded, shy smiles and hesitant choices gave way to bold performances and spirited sing-alongs – some better than others, but we won’t give any details on that. Here are some polaroids that we snapped that night.

The party/buffet on Thursday was an exceptional night filled with music, dance, and laughter too. This was one of our favourite nights, we had a buffet night at the agriturismo with a DJ. We also enjoyed some more karaoke since we were still excited from the previous night and wanted to sing some more.

9H Communities

Wrapping Up in Style

Our last full day was something special, starting with an aperitivo on the ‘View on Art’ – an amazing terrace with a stunning view of Florence cathedral. The surprise visit from Dante, Chiara’s dog, was the icing on the cake.

This was followed by dinner at Florence’s Central Market, an experience that immersed us in the vibrant heart of Tuscan urban life. We each had a personal card with an amount to spend on all food and drinks in order to fill and test all the food and drink available. This was the perfect culmination of our journey — a blend of the rustic charm of the countryside and the historic allure of Florence.

Time to Say Goodbye

As we shared our last breakfast together, the bittersweet reality of departure set in. Before going to the airport, Chiara planned a final surprise for us – we all went to Pisa to see the leaning Tower and visit Piazza dei Miracoli.

The transfer to the airport was a time to recollect the memories we shared. Amongst the laughter, the unspoken promise to carry the spirit of Tuscany with us as team mates become lifelong friends.

A massive shoutout to Chiara – this trip was unforgettable, and we all took a piece of Tuscany home in our hearts. Thank you Chiara!

Article Written by

Stephanie Fiteni

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