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ANCHOVY & NIU are now 9H Digital.
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We are listeners,
advisors &
change makers


Meet the heart and soul of our brand – a passionate group of individuals committed towards making an impact.

Meet the team

Benji Borg

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Sammut

CRO - Chief Revenue Officer

Zak Borg

CSO - Chief Strategy Officer

Tala Saleh

CEO - Tayb

James Abela


Omar Tanti

CTO - Chief Technical Officer

Annalise Said

CFO - Chief Financial Officer

Ruaan Grobler

CDO - Chief Digital Officer

Timothy Buttigieg

COO - Chief of Operations

our members are working behind the scenes to make 9H grow and reach the high expectations we strive for.

Philip Mercieca

Head of Design

Luke Vella

Head of UX Strategy

Luciano Borg

Head of SEO

Julian Muscat

Head of Tech Consultancy

Gerhardt Camilleri

Head of Client Success - Tech

Emily Attard

Head of Client Success - Marketing

Dorvic Mansueto

Head of Client Success - Tech

André Schembri

Head of Technical Operations

Alexia Cordina

Head of People & Culture

Alessandro Morreale

Head of Digital Consultancy

Chiara Turchi

Design Operations Lead

Dylan Farrugia

Marketing Manager

Clara Kamel

Project Owner - Trainee

Youssef Bsheer

UX Designer - Mid.

Yara Omara

Full Stack Developer

Tawhidur Rahman

UX Designer - Jnr.

Suzanna Livingston

Finance Associate - Mid.

Shahrzad Golzari

SEO/PPC Specialist

Sarah Camilleri

Project Owner - Jnr

Sara Micallef

Project Owner

Sara El Kady

Graphic Designer - Snr.

Sara Caruana

Finance Associate - Snr.

Sara Ataebi

SEM Strategist

Sanjay Prajapati

Web Developer - Mid.

Olga Nistreanu

Project Owner - Jnr

Nour Shokeir

Project Owner - Mid

Moemen Montasser

Web Developer - Mid.

Moemen Gaber

Web Developer - Mid.

Menna Salem

Digital Marketing Executive - Mid.

Mark Naguib

UX Designer - Snr.

Madeleine Aziz

Project Owner - Trainee

Kersten Spiteri

UX Designer - Mid.

Kayyum Halai

Web Developer - Mid.

Karla Naudi

Project Owner - Jnr

Justine Storace

Client Account Manager

Jovan Nanić

Web Developer - Mid.

Jonathan Galea


Ilaria Fanigliulo

Graphic Designer

Edward Brooks

Project Owner - Mid

Daniela Spiteri

Admin/Fin Associate

Daniel Bonello

Web Developer - Snr.

Dalia Youssri

HR Generalist

Chirag Patel

Web Developer - Jnr.

Carolina Dascal

Project Owner - Jnr

Alpesh Nakrani

Web Developer - Mid.

Aliaa Elshantaly

Business Development Assistant

Adil Multani

Web Developer - Mid.

Liane Ferreira

Journalist/Content Writer

Vadim Yudin

Graphic Designer - Snr.

Kathleen Ryan

Journalist/Content Writer
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