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Ithra, a Saudi company known for managing the educational events of Aramco, took the lead in the “F1 in Schools” initiative in mid-2023. The program was an international collaboration between Ithra and F1, designed to raise awareness of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects among school students globally. The culmination of this program was an event aimed at attracting children and their families to spread a positive educational message across the community and to engage students worldwide through a unified methodology.

In this regard, Ithra approached us to support them with a unique creative concept and key visual identity that would make a lasting impact and resonate with their target audience. 

The primary objective was to create an immersive and inspiring experience for the participants and attendees of the “F1 in Schools” event, which took place over four days at Ithra in late May 2023. Over a period of five months, 16 teams were guided by professional mentors at five regional hubs to design and manufacture a miniature F1 car from an official F1 Model Block.

Work carried out on this project

Creative Direction

The idea behind our creative direction is the speed that crosses space. Those who travel this road are young talents. The F1 car crosses an oval that represents the new generations, who jump into new adventures. In the background, there are abstract shapes that represent speed but also modernity.

The Concept Comes to Life

The creative concept for the event involved a range of physical applications and materials, with a comprehensive set of deliverables:

Badges: Designed to reflect the dynamic nature of F1 racing while incorporating the Ithra and F1 branding elements.

Wayfinding: Clear and visually engaging signage to guide participants and attendees throughout the event venue.

Booth Design: Eye-catching and informative booth designs that showcased the participants’ projects and encouraged interaction.

Information Desks: Branded information desks strategically placed to assist attendees with any queries they might have.

3D Installation: A visually stunning 3D installation that served as a focal point, capturing the essence of F1 racing and STEM education.

Screen Animation: Dynamic and informative screen animations to be displayed at various locations, providing additional context and excitement.

The F1 in Schools event was a resounding success, attracting participants and attendees alike with its engaging and immersive experience. The carefully crafted creative concept, coupled with efficient collaboration and execution, contributed to the program’s overall success in achieving its educational objectives.

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Members on this project

Tala Saleh

Position - CEO - Tayb Contribution in Project - Creative Direction

Chiara Turchi

Position - Design Operations Lead Contribution in Project - Design Operations Lead

Ilaria Fanigliulo

Position - Graphic Designer Contribution in Project - Graphic Designer

Philip Mercieca

Position - Head of Design Contribution in Project - Head of Design

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