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Meet the Client

Al Balad Hospitality is a visionary division of the Al Balad Development Company (BDC), which is wholly owned by PIF. This initiative aims to provide exceptional and authentic hospitality experiences. The strategic objective aligns with transforming specific areas into globally recognized historical and cultural destinations, enhancing the real estate and tourism sectors in alignment with broader national goals​.

Al Balad Hospitality offers a unique boutique hotel experience in the heart of historic Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Their hotels, housed in beautifully restored family homes, blend history and modern comfort. Each property provides a distinct architectural and cultural experience, celebrating the heritage and rich tales of Al Balad. With a commitment to exceptional Hijazi hospitality, Al Balad Hospitality promises an authentic stay at a UNESCO World Heritage site, offering luxury accommodations, cultural tours, and authentic Saudi cuisine, all designed to immerse guests in the vibrant culture and traditions of Al Balad.


Project Overview

Al Balad Hospitality is a leading hospitality management company specialising in luxury hotel management, food and beverage services, and property management. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on creating unforgettable guest experiences, Al Balad Hospitality wanted to showcase its portfolio of beautiful properties and services through an engaging and user-friendly website, and also attract people to book the properties directly from the website.

Al Balad

The Brief

We wanted to create an online presence that reflects Al Balad Hospitality’s brand identity and values – the exquisite attention to detail they’ve given their properties needed to be imbued into the visuals of the website.

The website needed to provide comprehensive information about the properties and services to allow people to make the decision to book by simply navigating the website.

It needed to showcase Al Balad Hospitality’s portfolio of properties and establishments with captivating visuals as well as detailed descriptions.

Intuitive navigation and user-friendly design are paramount for a website that converts. The site needed to balance stunning visuals with simplicity for effective navigation.

Responsive design principles were also important to ensure cross-channel compatibility across various devices and screen sizes.

Project Outcome

Members on this project

Gerhardt Camilleri

Position - Head of Client Success - Tech Contribution in Project - Project Management and Consultancy

Tala Saleh

Position - CEO - Tayb Contribution in Project - Creative Direction

Madeleine Aziz

Position - Project Owner Contribution in Project - Project Management

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