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Obtaining an ISO certification demonstrates transparent, valid and strict internal processes in place to ensure one of the highest information security standards. We did this to regulate and ensure adequate data security controls, including all those logistical, physical and organisational aspects related to them. This is only possible with structured management that guarantees all the necessary security standards in managing information, limiting risks and potential damages.

How can ISO certification benefit you?
The ISO 27001-compliant ISMS protects information in any form and of any nature. Furthermore, it guarantees that we will continuously improve our information security systems through the ISO annual audit, ensuring long-term benefits.

An ISO certification is also an international stamp for being proactive against security threats, putting our clients and their own minds at rest.

A security incident can lead to a loss of customer data and cause financial damage. Hence, security in the management of organizations and client data demands is becoming more of a necessity.

For a long time, information security has been often considered the responsibility of IT (e.g. Antivirus, firewall). The situation has now changed.

Benefits of working with an ISO-certified agency

  • Contractual requirements for information security
  • Strengthened functions and processes for information security
  • Integrated security protocols to manage and sustain long-term risk management strategies
  • Demonstrated compliance with laws and regulations with impartiality
  • Proven commitment to ensuring information security

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