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Being one of Malta’s leading car companies, in 2022 Muscats Motors wisely made the decision to step up their digital game and ensure that their range of innovative vehicles is as well represented online as it is in their showroom. That is why they commissioned 9H Digital to revamp their online platform.

Work carried out on this project

About the project

Following a number of client meetings and briefings, it was soon established that the aim of this new website was more than just adding a glamorous look & feel to the brand’s online presence. It was also intended to add more functionality and to feel more intuitive and friendly to the end-user, such that prospective clients could easily find what they are after, while being able to appreciate the quality and value of the company’s prestigious brands.

Above all, the new website would serve to boost the company’s CTAs (call-to-actions) and improve their CROs (conversion rate optimisation), thanks to new features such as the option to book a test drive directly through the website.

Muscats Motors’ new website redesign allowed them to communicate more clearly with their customers, making it easier for them to demonstrate their products and services. In addition to the striking visuals and natural flow of content on the website, an interactive module was also integrated, which buyers could use to discover and explore a range of different customisation options for their new vehicles.

Designated accessibility features such as text and colour adjustment options were also included, which further contributed to the site’s usability, even to persons with certain visual impairments.

What we achieved from this project

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