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From Concept to Creation: A Glimpse into Our Creative Journey

As most creative people know too well, concept creation is not something that just happens on demand. It often requires significant brainstorming, research and experimentation until the right idea finally hits. In this write-up, we’ll be looking at the process behind bringing a design concept to life.

Armed with nothing but a cup of coffee, a sprinkle of imagination and a laptop, we go through the brief to make sure that we understand the expected outcome, before diving into the world of inspiration and research. In this case the brief was to “create a quirky & fun version of the 9H brand mark which would resonate with young audiences”

From brainstorming to sketching initial concepts, we felt one of the best ways to achieve this result was to incorporate the brand mark with an ice cream machine. Our Initial doodles featured the 9H brand mark morphing into a delicious swirl, setting the stage for an epic transformation. By giving the brandmark a 3D appearance, we were able to enhance its visual appeal and provide space for additional elements, which depicted the initial stages of the ice cream-making process unfolding inside the machine.

We proceeded to create a preliminary quick illustration in which we outlined the elements to be included in the composition, define the layout and conceptualise the overall design idea. The next step was to enhance the drawings and sketches to attain greater clarity and a well-defined vision prior to finalising the concept. This allowed us to facilitate the vectorisation process when converting any sketch or illustration into vector format, making the entire process more seamless.


Design Elements

What’s an ice-cream without toppings? Virtual sprinkles, candy accents, and a sprinkle of company personality adorned the illustration. We also snuck in a handful of subtle details that are aimed at putting a smile on the face of keen observers. Rather than outright mentioning them, we’ll let you spot them yourself!

We refined the illustration with clean, geometrical lines, providing ample space to execute a polished coloring approach. This step sets the stage for the subsequent phase, where we delved into selecting the color palette and refining the coloring technique. Factors such as the incorporation of shadows and the application of different shades are essential to determining how the colours should be applied. It is crucial to establish a colouring process since this will affect the entire illustration and ensures a consistent and cohesive visual outcome.


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Sara El Kady

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