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The Smart iGaming Path – A Natural High Capacity Extension to Your Team

We are not normal. We provide a trustworthy environment that aligns with your goals. Founded in 2012 and fully based in Malta, we know what it takes to deliver for the iGaming industry.

We have built up teams for the same clients of ours and have  become a natural extension to their operations.

We bring expertise in Branding, UX/UI, Tech, Content & Acquisition for iGaming, to help you add value and take your capacity to the next level. Naturally, the greater your capacity, the more potential you will have to increase your revenue.

Fueling a Team

Kindred Group sought to maximise the number of bets and signups during the prestigious Cheltenham Festival, which is why they approached us to help them stand out among the rest, using real data to boost users’ confidence in their bets.

We approached this project by compiling the past results and developed a website around this data, providing punters with betting tips that offer them a sense of security with regards to what they’re betting their money on.

We opted for a straightforward layout married with impactful copy on the landing page to immediately capture the attention of potential leads.

Using responsive design we translated the experience for mobile, ensuring to retain the visual representation between the selected trends and imagery showing in the desktop version. Throughout the duration of the festival, the website gained a notable amount of backlinks which resulted in significant traffic towards the Kindred platform. As a matter of fact, the layout gets updated periodically and reused yearly for the Cheltenham Festival as well as the Sydney Autumn Racing Carnival.

Building a Brand

We engaged Garbo to come up with a cool brand for their new online casino. They wanted to create a community of fun, loving & adventurous dreamers, giving them a place to explore, play and win. 

We kicked off the project by extrapolating keywords which formed the backbone of the project, which we wanted to keep in mind at every decision to make sure we captured the spirit of what they wanted to communicate.

Identifying our target audience was the next item on the agenda – it was concluded that the main focus would be on people who are fun, quirky and love to travel. More specifically, it was agreed to maintain an increased focus on a female audience, since it was noted that this was lacking from competing sites.

Trusted by MAX Entertainment

We were approached by MAX Entertainment to develop a fresh new brand logo to be used across digital channels, sub-brands and brand elements such as billboards, business cards and apparel. We were able to assist by providing logo variations & sub-brand logos, complete with brand & typography guidelines to ensure consistency across different applications. We were also able to guide MAX Entertainment in terms of brand imagery which best complemented their redefined brand positioning.

Of course, the above is only a small glimpse of our experience in the iGaming industry. Having supported iGaming giants & built custom APIs for clients such as LeoVegas, Phoenix7 & ADM, we know a thing or two about what it takes to make an impact in the industry. 

Article Written by

Dylan Farrugia

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