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Introducing Grundfos Homes to
Home Owners

Setting the Foundation

We worked with Grundfos to evolve its brand identity for awareness across a broader national audience. We used Grundfos home’s brand pillars to anchor us as we infused sophistication, and desirability to create a fresh clean design. A landing page was designed with the end-users in mind; villa and apartment owners, individuals renovating their homes and family households. The informative landing page was also designed to drive engagements and conversions through the various touch points available on-site.

Work carried out on this project


Setting the right digital strategy was vital to reaching a large-scale audience, through the use of social media and Google advertising. The new landing page would serve as the go-to information source for home water consumption as Grundfos products can offer solutions to customer pain points.

With a brand new landing page and a digital activation plan, it was time to re-introduce Grundfos. We launched a national campaign focused on exactly what makes Grundfos special: Smart pumps, high-quality materials, smart features and extremely silently.

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