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How to Generate More Leads and Recruit More Full Immersion English Language Students Directly From Your Website [Part 2]

If you read our previous article about Inbound Marketing to land more full immersion students, you might be wondering what’s next.

Marketing alone will not help you close more students and foster loyalty (to increase Customer Lifetime Value). It will help you get more traffic and leads but real growth comes from paying attention to the details in your CRM. Your sales department needs to know how to take the baton and run with it.

Probably the most important thing you can do (if you’re looking to grow your school/s)  is to integrate your marketing and sales departments. By using a smart marketing and CRM solution to scale seamlessly you can really fuel your growth. HubSpot can help you integrate these two departments into one platform removing silos and closing more sales. We love HubSpot because it has helped us and our clients grow in this way.

Here are some specific ways English Language Immersion Schools are using HubSpot to grow their revenue and profits.

Comprehensive Contact Management:
Schools can manage contact details for students, parents, and staff, such as names, ages, genders, educational backgrounds, and contact information. This centralised data allows for personalised messaging across various channels​.

Streamlining Communication:
HubSpot facilitates direct communication with prospects through calls and emails directly from a contact record, automating the logging of these interactions. Teachers, coaches, and administrators can also log communications with parents, aiding in the quick identification and management of retention risks and engagement with school ambassadors.

Enhanced Engagement:
Through the use of chatbots, HubSpot enables schools to provide instant answers to common queries from parents and prospective students, improving engagement and response times. The platform also supports email templates and documents to help share the school’s value proposition and nurture relationships with prospects.

Inbound Marketing for Enrollment:
As mentioned above in more detail, HubSpot’s tools for SEO, blogging, social media publishing, and advertising help schools attract the right audience by creating content that addresses their concerns and questions, therefore increasing website traffic and converting visitors into leads.

Efficient Admissions Management:
With features like progressive profiling and persona tools, schools can better qualify inquiries for admissions, manage applications, and prioritise efforts to recruit the best-fit students​.

Automated Nurturing and Follow-Ups:
HubSpot’s automated email campaigns, lead scoring, and lifecycle stage progression enable schools to nurture relationships with parents and prospective students who not yet ready to apply, optimising the admissions process.

Operational and Marketing Analytics:
Schools can track and measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, the progress of their institution, and even monitor fee payments and reminders through HubSpot’s comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. 

Integration Capabilities:
HubSpot offers extensive integration options with other tools, such as Zoom, G Suite for Education, and student information systems (SIS), allowing for seamless operations across different platforms and systems​.

Team Collaboration:
The platform encourages cooperation among school staff, facilitating teamwork across departments with shared data and collaborative tools, therefore speeding up enrollment and other internal processes​.

Overall, HubSpot serves as a multifaceted tool that can significantly enhance the operational efficiency, communication strategies, and marketing efforts of full immersion schools. It provides the capabilities to better manage interactions with current and prospective students and their parents, streamline their enrollment processes, and grow their schools effectively​​.

Here are some ways in which educational organisations are growing with HubSpot:

>> Newcastle University enhanced their SEO and blogging strategy, leading to a more than 250% increase in organic traffic and an increase in email open rates from 20-30% to 50-70%​.

>> UCD Professional Academy used HubSpot to grow from 0 to 8-figure revenue in three years, benefiting from inbound marketing and sales and marketing alignment.

>> Nutritional Coaching Institute: Consolidated four tools into one with HubSpot payments, integrating company data and boosting sales efficiently.

>> Nexford University sees continuous triple-digit growth YoY with HubSpot’s LinkedIn integration on HubSpot.

>> With HubSpot’s Sales Hub The Knowledge Academy has experienced 192% Sales Growth.
UCD Professional Academy used HubSpot to go from 0 to an 8-figure revenue in 3 years.

Want to know more about how HubSpot is helping full immersion English Language schools book more students directly from their website?

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Stephanie Fiteni

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