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Sphinx, a company which surely needs no introduction with the Maltese population, recently approached 9H Digital to transform its visual identity, which it would then reflect into a new website and digital marketing campaign.

Taking it Back to the 90s

The new visual identity was created with the aim of showcasing the brand’s passion for delivering catering items and creating a unique and memorable brand experience for its customers.

In collaboration with ANCHOVY, we launched a digital marketing campaign that included promoted posts on Facebook and Instagram, that would direct users to a new immersive landing page, where users could interact with the brand and learn more about what Sphinx has to offer while being visually engaged.

While this digital campaign highlights the brand’s commitment to delivering excellent products with a passion, the digital content we created was aimed at engaging with the target audience, forming a connection and establishing more trust in the brand.

The new visual identity and digital marketing campaign have been well received by Sphinx’s customers, and the brand has received positive feedback for its commitment to delivering a unique and memorable brand experience. The campaign has been effective in reaching the target audience and building brand awareness, driving traffic to the landing page and increasing engagement with the brand.

Words from the client

What we achieved from this project

Closing Statement

We are very proud to have been entrusted for this project by a brand which is a staple amongst the Maltese community, and look forward to seeing the continued success of Sphinx.

Members on this project

Philip Mercieca

Position - Head of Design Contribution in Project - Design Lead

Emily Attard

Position - Head of Client Success - Marketing Contribution in Project - Project Manager

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