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Meet the Client

daves Food Stores established in 2013, daves Food Stores is one of the largest grocery store chains in Malta boasting almost 20 locations, committed to providing an exceptional shopping experience. With 24-hour in-store services and online delivery, the store offers high-quality products, household goods, and friendly service focusing on customer satisfaction, supplier engagement, and innovation. 

This case study digs into the revolutionary steps that 9H Digital took to create the best local supermarket ecommerce app.

Project Overview


We delivered a fully integrated solution in just 3 months. We provided a fully branded app built with SUPPY that integrated with their systems, enabling existing and prospective clients to enjoy an in-store shopping experience directly from their smartphones. The app offers unique features such as 24/7 precise delivery scheduling, eliminating inconvenient 4-hour windows, direct product replacements via the ecommerce app, and express service with no minimum order.

Wolt Drive handles timely deliveries, ensuring a smooth experience for customers and staff. Our team integrated other essential services for real-time updates and automated receipts. Stripe manages payments, while the loyalty program lets customers earn and redeem points.

These innovations ensure a seamless and convenient shopping experience, setting daves Food Stores apart from competitors and elevating the online grocery shopping experience in Malta. 

The Brief


daves Food Stores contacted 9H to develop a market-leading grocery app for Malta. It needed to deliver two distinct use cases: one for customers to place orders and another for store staff to process them.

The customer app needed to perform all the typical grocery app activities such as ordering, scheduling, and editing orders before processing. The store staff app had to facilitate order picking, live replacement, print receipts from the POS system, and manage the handover for pickup or delivery.

The following logos show all the elements that were used in order to build our system architecture, all being seamlessly integrated to create what the app is today.

Outcome and Impact

Client Testimonial

We presented ourselves to 9H as the need to produce an FMCG eCommerce app that would be unparalleled on the Maltese market, and actually what 9H came up with is something that is fabulous!”.

David Grech, CEO at daves Food Stores.

Download the app on Apple Store: App Link

Download the app on Google Play Store: App Link

Members on this project

Omar Tanti

Position - CTO - Chief Technical Officer Contribution in Project - Technical Consultant

Olga Nistreanu

Position - Project Owner - Jnr Contribution in Project - Project Owner

Matthew Sammut

Position - CRO - Chief Revenue Officer Contribution in Project - Project Consultant

Justine Storace

Position - Client Account Manager Contribution in Project - Marketing Project Owner

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